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Daddy looking for Daughter

Though I have been reading a lot of the posts here, this is the first time I have made one of my own. I am a Dad, who has for some time been in search of a little girl of my own. I am a Loving and Caring Daddy, and not much into humiliation or that sort of thing. I am looking for a daughter who I can love, care for, and put up on a pedestal so she can enjoy being daddy’s little princess. I am a very emotional daddy, and I am not looking for some little short term thing, but looking for a very long term relationship which will be enjoyable for all concerned. I wish to find a warm, loving little girl, with whom I can share my heart and mind completely.

If you are, or know someone who would enjoy such a relationship, please make contact with me. My Yahoo id is xrandom_malex, and my e-mail address is xrandom_malex@yahoo.com. I look forward to anyone who would like to get to know me a little better.
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