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Bambino Diapers. (what I like to wear for Daddy *wink* )

A new DESIGNER adult diaper for AB/DL's!

The new Bambino diapers are out! Our diapers for our nursery came in last week and after testing them we wrote a review based on:

1. Appearance

2. Thickness /Dry and Wet

3. Capacity

4. Absorbency

5. Durability

6. Tapes

7. Crinkle factor

8. Fit

9. Cost

I would post the review here but to save your Friends list and not bog down people working with dial up I’m going to put only a few pictures here behind cuts. The full review can be found at

Not to ruin the suspense of the review but we are extremely excited to offer these diaper at our nursery! These diapers are an adult babies DREAM.

The New Diaper!

Landing Zone with baby print.

Comparison Picture.

Complete thickness comparison.

Shipped discreetly.

Check out for the complete review and extensive pictures.
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