nisbit58 (nisbit58) wrote in outfits_4_daddy,

Adult Tricycle Now Available For Purchase!

For those of you that have asked to buy the tricycle at our nursery you may now find it on EBay. Item Number 290064264832 or just Copy and Paste to this link:

Yes this is for real, not photoshop or a fake. This is a custom designed and built adult sized tricycle. This is hand made from quality square tubular steel and is mig-welded at the joints and painted fire engine red. It has penumatic tires with wheel bearings. Adjustable, adult sized, spring cushion seat. Adulstable handlebars. It has a flat-bar rear axel just like the kids tricycles so you can carry a second passanger. Is also equiped with a rear hitch to add a Radio Flyer as a tow behind cart!(not included) Rated to hold up to 300lbs. This is a tricycle that will take you back to the good old days and make you feel like a kid again! This is a QUALITY bult tricycle that will bring you memories for a long time. ASSEMBLY REQUIRED
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